Without The PlayStation Network, Players Can't Purchase Content Such As PixelJunk Racers.

Q-Games is behind the PixelJunk series — one of the most important brands available on the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately for Dylan and his company, the outage is already taking its toll on the studio's bottom-line.

"PSN being out definitely affects our bottom line, but as long as the people who were going to be playing Shooter 2 and other PixelJunk titles will get right back in there playing them when it comes back up we'll be happy and hopefully income won't be dented too much," he said optimistically.

Despite Q-Games being one of Sony's closest PlayStation Network developers, the company doesn't have any more information about the outage than we do.

"Sony has contacted us to let us know they are working as hard as they can 24 hours a day to fully correct and secure the breach," Cuthbert revealed. "Apart from that we don't know any other information. Fingers crossed they'll get it up and running very soon."

That's fingers crossed all around then, Dylan. It's terrible seeing developers lose money in this way, but it does highlight the vulnerabilities of a networked future. Let's hope the problem is resolved within the next couple of days.