There Are Now 50 Million PS3s In The Wilderness.

In addition, the platform holder confirmed that there are now eight million PlayStation Move motion controllers in the wilderness, with support including in over 150 software titles.

Sony added that there are also over 89 games available that support stereoscopic 3D for the PlayStation 3. That number is accurate as of April 1st. In total, more than 480 million units of PS3 software have been sold globally.

Some pretty great numbers for both the PlayStation Move and the PS3. Anecdotally we're playing on our Move nearly every week right now because there always seems to be something that supports it. Some games work better than others, but Virtua Tennis 4 and SOCOM 4 this month alone look like particular highlights. The 50 million unit tally for PS3 is equally impressive when you consider how expensive the hardware is. If Sony can get the hardware down to $199 this year, the PS3 will fly off shelves. We guarantee it. We're just not convinced Sony's going to drop $100.