He loves it

Analysts have already commented on the NGP price in the past, but now that Wedbush Morgan gaming analyst Michael Pachter has been treated to a hands-on demo of the device, he’s weighing in on the capabilities and performance of the device as well.

Pachter took to Twitter earlier this week to shower the NGP with such lovely adjectives as “awesome” and “cool,” coming away especially impressed with the systems touch screen and OLED display. He does however worry that all these fancy features may result in a high price point, which could hurt sales.

Read on below for all his NGP Tweets:

Hands on NGP at Sony yesterday; with the right software, quite awesome. The controls very smooth, the screen flawless, price will be high

Uncharted NGP tech demo was cool, accelerometer to swing on rope, massage back touch pad to climb, dual analogs intuitive. Gamers will likee.

3G price differential for NGP interesting, it should be $50 (pass thru cost), only Apple has the cojones to charge $100; carrier subsidy????

Tretton said NGP “between $100 and $599″, am betting it’s priced either $299 or $349, depending upon bill of materials.

[source ngportable.com, via twitter.com]