Blood on the sales floor

The Move release slate is hot hot hot today, with new games at retail and on PlayStation Store, as well as fresh downloadable content too. Let's see what's competing for your cash this week.


Michael Jackson: The Experience

The King of Pop Moonwalks to stores across North America several months after his appearance on Wii, PSP and DS. While the PlayStation Move controller is obviously used during the game's dance routines, two additional players can sing along using SingStar microphones, with their performances scored accordingly. We'll be donning our rhinestone glove to bring you a full review soon.

PlayStation Network

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance — $12.99, Plus Price: $9.74

A good old-fashioned dungeon crawler, this four-player co-operative adventure will appeal to fans of Diablo and its ilk. Be sure to read up on our Dungeon Hunter: Alliance interview and come back soon for our in-depth review.

Steel Rain DLC for Killzone 3 — $4.99, Plus Price: Free

Two extra maps for Guerilla's Move-enabled shooter, including the Jetpack-filled Junkyard and Stahl Arms, a map that puts you inside a Helghast weapons factory. Plus members can pick these maps up for nothing.

The Fight: Lights Out demo

If you're still on the fence about Coldwood Interactive's bruising brawler, try before you buy with this Stress Buster demo.

All in all, not a bad week for Move gamers. Anything pulling the money from your wallet this week?