Lazard Capital Says The NGP Will Release This Year In North America.

The investment firm claim the date was confirmed by Sony at a recent analysts day held by SCEA. Apparently Sony were less clear on European release dates — which is perhaps to be expected from a SCEA event. Console launches are always a worrying prospect from a European perspective though, typically because we're traditionally forced to wait much longer than everyone else.

The firm said of the North American date: “A 2011 launch for NGP was reconfirmed, although we expect pricing will be unveiled around the E3 conference. We remain somewhat concerned that an initially high price point could limit the market opportunity for NGP, since Sony continues to balance profitability goals with unit sales.”

Good news for America. We'll remain anxious if you don't mind.

Update on 15th April 2011: We've been informed that the information in Lazard Capital Markets report was incorrect. A PlayStation representative told us that the official line from SCEA on the NGP's launch is as follows: "Executives reconfirmed that NGP will begin a phased launch rollout beginning at the end of 2011."