The writing's on the wall. Or in the book.

Here's a change of pace for you: Lexis Numérique, developers of cutesy WiiWare series Learning with the PooYoos, is bringing a sweary murder mystery game to PSN in the form of Red Johnson's Chronicles. While no PlayStation Move support has been announced by the developer, Movemodo can exclusively reveal that a post-release update is on the cards.

The studio confirmed it is investigating the possibility of bringing Move support to the game after its launch next month. There's no timeframe on when the update will be made available, with some ergonomic and control issues to overcome, but as soon as it's patched for Move we'll let you know. In the meantime, enjoy this official description and trailer at the bottom.

PSN in May, Red Johnson’s Chronicles is an action adventure/puzzle game that is played out similarly to a television crime show – sort of like ‘Professor Layton meets CSI.’ In the game, players take on the role of Red Johnson, a private investigator on the streets whose crime rate is skyrocketing. They must use clues, solve puzzles and question witnesses to investigate a murder, all while staying out of danger’s way.