Enslaved's Teasing Orchestral Score Was A Fundamental Component Of The Game's Inviting Mood.

Anything it lacked in gameplay polish was more than made up by the game's beautiful art direction and fantastic characterisation. While the game might not have been recognised as widely as it should have been amongst the gaming community, it can at least add a feather to its bow in the form of an Ivor Novello award nomination for its soundtrack.

The game's up for best Original Game Score against the similarly under-rated James Bond 007: Blood Stone and Napoleon: Total War. Enslaved's soundtrack was composed by Nitin Sawhney, who has a long history working on games and films.

“We are obviously over the moon that Enslaved has been recognized for such a prestigious award,” said Lee Kirton, Namco’s UK marketing director. “The game is very important to us at Namco Bandai as we continue to focus on it. Unfortunately it didn’t make the Bafta cut and we and Ninja Theory are very happy that the title has finally been recognised for some of the talent that contributed to making it a stunningly original title.”

The awards are set to be held on Thursday, May 19th in London. If you haven't played Enslaved yet, you should. Though you might be too late, the game sold so poorly that we doubt there'll ever be a sequel. Boo!