NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Is Totally The Version Of NBA Jam You Wanted All Along.

We saw it in a shop once. Originally intended as a pre-order bonus, then a PSN release, before ending up as a boxed retail title, most people had forgotten they wanted NBA Jam by the time it actually released. Now EA's righting a few wrongs, and doing what it should have done last year — releasing NBA Jam on the PlayStation Network.

It's actually releasing an updated version too. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition will have new opponent AI, revamped visuals and a host of new online features including an online co-op campaign mode and, of course, roster updates.

Of course if you did buy NBA Jam last year, you're going to be feeling pretty pissed off right now. Not only does this PSN release sound better than the boxed version, it's also probably going to be cheaper. Perhaps a good thing only three people bought the retail edition after all, then.