DONTNOD's Anticipated PlayStation 3 Announcement At E3 Is Something To Keep An Eye On.

A relatively unknown developer thought to be working on a big-time PlayStation 3 exclusive is the answer. We reported at the start of the month that Sony had teamed up with the little-known French developer over a "AAA" (i.e. big budget) title for the PS3. The game's yet to be announced, but is thought to be an "action adventure" title codenamed Adrift.

DONTNOD's website confirms the developers appearance at the E3 expo in June. It'd be naive to assume they are turning up for anything other than the announcement of their big PlayStation 3 exclusive. For the sake of balance, the developer did confirm GDC appearance plans earlier in the year without revealing anything. GDC is a different kind of show to E3 though — the latter being the perfect stage for big blockbuster announcements.

Are we excited?