You're Going To Use These Cars To Smash Up Cardboard Robots.

It totally knows how to party. Screw nightclubs and supermodels, we're all about rally cars and cardboard robots. DiRT 3 gets what's up, yo.

According to Rock Paper Shotgun, DiRT 3 will boast a multiplayer party mode consisting of three unique mini-games. On the agenda is Invasion, where you'll smash up robot shaped cardboard cut-outs in your uber-expensive high performance rally car.

Another mode is Outbreak, which sounds a bit car-combaty. Here one car in the pack will be infected by a virus, and will need to pass on its germs by ramming into other cars.

The final mode is called Transporter mode, which sounds a bit like a twist on Capture The Flag. Seeing as DiRT 2 was one of the most fun racing games we've played on PlayStation 3, we're totally up for combining that driving model with some crazy mini-games.