We Haven't Used This Logo For A While...

The supposed post details much of Sony's E3 announcement plans, as well as some specifics beyond.

The leak hints that an NGP price and release date will be announced at E3, in addition to the device's real name. Seven first-party titles are set to be announced for the device alongside the reveal.

In addition, Hideo Kojima's long rumoured Metal Gear project will be revealed — which will apparently be a port of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Another Metal Gear title is due to be announced too, but details are more scarce on that one.

The poster also claims that a new Polyphony Digital game will release before March 2012. The developer intends to make Europe its primary audience, hinting at a GamesCom reveal in Cologne this August.

The leak mentions that Sony will announce a suite of new PlayStation 3 games at E3 this year, with most occupying a tentative 2012 launch date. Dylan Jobe's Warhawk sequel will be detailed shortly before the event in LA, while The Last Guardian, Twisted Metal and Uncharted 3 all get show-floor time.

A total of 37 titles are apparently in the works across multiple PlayStation devices, though the poster stresses that a good chunk will not be announced until GamesCom.

The information seems solid, but remember to chalk this one up as a rumour. Still, there's some exciting stuff in there.

[source vg247.com]