Bloober Team's Announced That It's Working With SCEE On A Launch Title For The NGP.

Bloober Team has previously worked on Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder for the PlayStation Minis series. SCEE will publish the studio's NGP debut.

“Obviously, it’s quite a tremendous honor to be included in the initial, day-one launch titles for such an impressive piece of new hardware as the NGP,” said Piotr Babieno, President of Bloober Team. “SCEE has been extremely interested in our title since we first showed it off, and have been more than accommodating getting us everything we need to make a great game. The NGP is a truly revolutionary piece of tech and being one of the first to develop on it has been both a tremendous joy and privilege.”

Being one of the first developers on NGP, Bloober Team's also pretty stoked about what they've seen of the hardware itself.

“After spending some time with the NGP SDK and trying a few tricks and shortcuts, we’re honestly floored at what they were able to cram in there,” Babieno added. “SCE is really taking a developer-centric approach this time around to give us and the other choice developers ideal conditions for both software and business development. We’re thrilled that our title will be included in the launch of what is sure to be a successful platform.”

Bloober's promising more information about the title will be revealed in May.