The PlayStation Move Is Still Selling Strongly In North America According To US Retailer GameStop.

That's the message from leading US retailer, GameStop, who have claimed to be "struggling" to meet demand for Sony's motion controlled device.

"We have struggled to stay in stock on the Sony Move controllers; there's a tremendous amount of demand for that," said GameStop's Tony Bartel. "Provided we can get more into stock, we should see some strong growth there as well."

While Sony's kept the numbers quiet in recent months, it did announce that the motion controller had shipped 4.1 million units as of December. We'd imagine that number has grown significantly over the first few months of 2011.

Despite being somewhat overshadowed by the mainstream success of Kinect, Move still continues to get strong software support. PlayStation Move Heroes released worldwide this week, while Killzone 3's optional implementation proved a huge coup for the device last month.

We can only hope that the support continues, because there's tons of potential in the Move controller and we'd love to see it realised.