What price will Sony slap on this?

While Sony may not talking too much about the details surrounding the release of the NGP, the developers working on the system certainly are. A few days ago some developers claimed to reveal an 11/11/11 release for the device, and now Ubisoft is joining the rumor mill by pricing the Wi-Fi and 3G models of the NGP in an online survey.

The survey, called “Ubisoft- NGP concept- US Adults” was meant to gauge readers’ interest in the forthcoming handheld. Here is a quote from it:

The retail price of the Sony NGP is expected to be around $350… How likely would you be to purchase the Sony NGP now that you know this retail price?

The survey than goes on to price the Wi-Fi only version of the NGP at $250 dollars.

Of course this does not confirm the pricing for the two NGP models, but it certainly is in the ballpark of earlier estimates. Surely Ubisoft has been working closely with Sony for quite some time on the device, so lets hope it didn’t pull these prices out of thin air; after all, the original PSP launched for $250 too.

So what do you think? Are you willing to pay an extra 100 bucks for 3G connectivity and online gaming on the go? Or would you rather save the cash and go with Wi-Fi and hotspots?

[source ngportable.com]