Worry Not Europe, You'll Get Your SOCOM Action On The Same Week As North America.

When European and American games have different titles. It makes things so complicated. Do we call the game by its European name and isolate our American userbase? Do we call the game by both its names and write messy looking articles? Gah, it's a never-ending debate in the office whenever a new Hot Shots Gol-... Sorry, Everybody's Gol-... No, no... --Whenever a new Hot Shots/Everybody's Golf game is announced.

When it comes to SOCOM though, we've no idea what SCEE's doing. SOCOM: Special Forces? No, it's SOCOM 4. Just call it SOCOM 4. Goodness sake.

Right? What's the point of this article? Oh yeah. The eagle eyes over at VG247 have picked up on a Tweet from SCEE that finally confirms the release date of Zipper Interactive's hardcore military. It's due out on April 20th in mainland Europe, with the UK getting it on the Friday, April 22nd. The confirmation puts the release in-line with the US release date, which is April 19th.