Bureaucracy Says Red Dead Redemption Wasn't The Game Of The Year. Hint: It Was.

It wasn't even a nomination in fact. Why is that? According to the BAFTA's chief operation officer, Kevin Price, it's because Rockstar didn't enter.

"We don’t have the right to automatically enter a videogame,” he said. “We encourage the publishers and developers to enter. We’re not happy that Rockstar games isn’t in the longlist this year, but the simple answer is it wasn’t entered."

Hmm. Fair enough. But that totally underscores the credibility of the entire awards show. For our money, Red Dead Redemption was easily the best game of the last twelve months. What's the point in honouring the best releases when the best release gets ignored?

Sources claim that Rockstar blackballed the BAFTAs after Grand Theft Auto IV failed to pick up any awards at the 2009 ceremony. Hint: it probably should have. Either way it seems odd that publishers should have to apply to have their games recognised for an award. We're sure there's some legal mumbo-jumbo detailing why, but, eurgh. Red Dead Redemption was the game of the year folks. Ignore whatever you find through here.