Version 1.50 brings with it a suite of new technology that's set to bring Sony's virtal home closer to the reality we've been dreaming of for some time — a real gaming portal. At present the best experience you can have in Home is by navigating the Midway carnival, Sodium and Novus Prime spaces, all of which serve up a brilliant meta-game experience that you can't really have anywhere else. The new software update looks set to improve on that, by providing new tools for developers to create real-time multiplayer games with improved physics, graphics and collision detection.

One of the first games to take advantage of the update is SodiumTwo, the sequel to Lockwood's pretty neat meta-space blaster, Sodium. The update takes the series in a new direction which looks more in-line with Wipeout. Why did nobody tell us this earlier? The game will feature customisable space-crafts and competitive multiplayer. Here's hoping it can maintain the frame-rate that the experience requires. Futuristic racers with choppy frame-rates are a no-go as far as we're concerned.

Still the trailer looks good, and it's cool Sony's heading in this direction with Home. The virtual world's definitely found its purpose of late.