Lets Move!

It’s no secret that Killzone 3 rocked the world with its release recently. Amazing graphics, gameplay and multiplayer are all spot-on, but it seems that its Move implementation drew more news buzz more than anything. Killzone 3 proved that Move could offer exceptional controls in the FPS genre, and for some, even rival the standard DualShock controller. It was just a matter of time before third-party developers took notice.

Swedish developer DICE has definitely noticed what Move has brought to Killzone 3 and it’s no secret that their widely popular FPS franchise Battlefield has an upcoming game release later this year in the form of Battlefield 3, but what would Move bring to series? We just might get a chance to find out ourselves. When DICE’s own Karl Magnus Troedsson was recently asked if Battlefield 3 would support Move and 3D he replied:

We are thinking about it, yes, definitely.

Count our rations packed and our uniforms pressed as our minds run wild dreaming of stepping onto the Battlefield with Move in hand.

Will Battlefield 3 benefit from Move support the way that Killzone 3 did? Let us know what you think in our comments section below.

[source computerandvideogames.com]