Someone Get Ryo On The Lucky Hit Stand Quick. We Need To Fund The Development Of Shenmue III Somehow!

We want the game more than you could possibly imagine, but wanting it means we've had to take our fair share of heartache too. We're just not sure how much our feeble ticker can withstand.

Take the latest comments made by Yu Suzuki at this week's GDC conference. The industry legend openly admitted that he believes SEGA would let him make Shenmue III. The problem? Money.

“Probably Sega will let me make it. I think. It’s simply a problem of budget,” he said, as caught by Gamasutra. “Well, I want to make it. About 200 people will buy it I think. But funding is an issue.”

200 people? Suzuki-san, we would buy ten. Seriously. If they released Shenmue III and it retailed for £399.99, we would probably buy it. Which is insane, but it would be worth saving up for.

We still hold hope that one day, somewhere, Shenmue III will begin development. We sense our heart's going to take more of a pummelling before the news comes through though.