Insomniac's Counting On Resistance 3's Smaller Battles To Create A More 'Personal' Multiplayer Component.

Insomniac recognised that, and is taking Resistance 3's multiplayer in a wildly different direction. Rather than escalate the player-count, the studio's decided to keep things a little more intimate, opting for 16-player competitive battles — that's eight-on-eight if you're struggling with the maths.

Insomniac reckons that the changes will result in the multiplayer being much more "personal", stating that the change is down to creative reasons, rather than technical limitations. The first map Insomniac's picked to show off is a prison in the Republic Of Chad. All of the multiplayer maps will take place outside of the US, and Insomniac's planning to build narrative around them, depicting the war against the Chimera from an outside perspective. Hopefully we get to see how things have changed in the UK.

As with any modern first-person shooter, Resistance 3 will feature perks and abilities that can be unlocked or picked up during the battle. One upgrade Insomniac revealed is called the Berserk, a power-up that rewards kill-streaks with a temporary period of invisibility.

Insomniac says there will be a beta for the game later in the year, and that it plans to reveal more details about Resistance 3's objective-based multiplayer soon.