Free DLC is Better

Big manly beards sure look great, but the constant itching gets annoying fast. We know Killzone 3 has consumed many of our readers’ lives since its launch a few weeks back, but that is no reason to ignore simple things such as grooming. It’s time to put that glorious Sharp Shooter down for a moment to get rid of that manly soldier beard, and claim some free Killzone 3 DLC in the process.

For a limited time Edge and Schick are offering special edition packages that sport a few of PlayStation 3’s biggest franchises that are blazing hot at the moment. Aside from being collector items and looking great, these packages include free DLC for the games as well, and the Move-enabled Killzone 3 just happens to be one of the blockbuster hits included in this offer. These specially packaged Edge Shave Gel and Schick Quatro products are landing on North American shelves this week.

A code on each individual package will land your choice of free DLC in the form of:

  • A Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack featuring two popular maps from Killzone 2, or three Unlock Points that can be used to unlock weapons or abilities
  • A custom Chevy Camaro SS “Edge Special” for Gran Turismo 5
  • A special “Sniper Blast” unlock for Infamous 2 which is scheduled to arrive in June.

These items won’t be around forever, so stop blasting the Helghast and get them while they last.