It Looks Dated Now But Virtua Tennis: World Tour Was One Of The Best Games On PSP.

Ok, here we go: please, please, please SEGA, we'd love Virtua Tennis on NGP.

"They should write on forums and elsewhere on the internet that they want it."

Virtua Tennis: World Tour was a launch title for the original PSP, and is still one of the best games available for the platform. Go figure. Feel free to plead with SEGA after the jump. Get desperate if you want. Something like, "I pull out my finger and toe-nails for a new Virtua Tennis on NGP," would suffice. We think. Or would that be weird?

Virtua Tennis 4 is due out on PlayStation 3 later this year. You may have heard us mention it a couple of times. We're a bit excited, y'see.