The Fight's "Fitness Pack" DLC Turns Sony's Motion Brawler Into A Solid Fitness Application.

If, like us, you've spent the past few months using The Fight as a substitute for a gym membership, you might be interested to learn that the Fitness Pack includes a number of new training methods to help target your punching, endurance and overall cardio.

Split into a series of new mini-games, the Fitness Pack includes new exercises such as arm circles, jump squats, high-knee running and lunges. There are also a few new punching exercises: combo punching is similar to the main game's target practice, but requires a combination of punches as opposed to single jabs; Duke sparring pitches you against the unbeatable Danny Trejo, testing your technique and general reactions; and, our favourite, Dummy, simply asks you to let rip against a limb-less torso that's super-satisfying to punch. The exercises work well, and while it's possible to cheat, the benefits when performing the tasks correctly feel good. You definitely feel the burn on some of them. All of the exercises can be split into rounds, allowing you to set the length and intensity. Alternatively you can do a circuit of all the mini-games, specifying a target calorie goal or session length. Stats are stored in a new area of the menu, allowing you to analyse your progress over time, as well as observe a neat little pie-chart break-down of each of the exercises and their cumulative calorie burn.

For £3.99 it's a fantastic extension to The Fight's core experience, especially if you've previously found value in the game as a fitness accessory. Participating in the training mini-games even earns Skill Points, allowing you to level-up your in-game character quicker too. The only real disappointment is the absence of new trophies. While the real-life gains of stronger muscles and longer endurance are the real reward, it's always nice to have a digital trinket to keep you motivated.