Better with friends

SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs is the next big shooter lined up for Move, heading to North America on 19th April with a newly announced co-operative mode that puts up to five players in a set of unique missions.

There'll be two main modes to tackle, Takedown and Espionage. The first is a search-and-destroy mission against opponents, taking down all-comers, whereas Espionage requires you to use a bit more subtlety in grabbing enemy intelligent and sabotaging their base of operations.

Like most SOCOM multiplayer modes teamwork will be crucial to overcoming these challenges, with the ability to alter the mission difficulty and density of opposing soldiers, though Zipper promises the missions will be challenging no matter what difficulty they're played on.

Select North American gamers who picked up Killzone 3 this week will gain entry to the SOCOM 4 beta, with Zipper promising more information next week.