A palpable hit

Move-exclusive brawler The Fight: Lights Out is a real test of any gamer's stamina, requiring plenty of energy to make it through the ranks of the combat underworld. To help you out in your quest, Coldwood Interactive has released a new set of downloadable content to give your fighter a bit of a boost.

The Timesaver Pack gives you access to all the locked-away content you'd normally receive as reward for all your hard work, whereas the Fitness Pack gives you new workouts to bring your fighter to an even higher standard.

If you're tempted to enter the world of The Fight, we've got you covered with our The Fight: Lights Out review.

The Fight Lights Out – Timesaver’s Pack ($1.99)
Download this pack for The Fight: Lights Out and gain instant access to all the features that are unlockable by playing through the game, including new fighters, dirty moves, accessories, and more.
File size: 100 KB

The Fight Lights Out – Fitness Pack ($4.99)
Get fit with The Fight: Lights Out! This pack gives you a workout with new variations of current exercises in the game, plus additional activities such as squat thrusts, shadow boxing, lunges, circuit training, and more.
File size: 100 KB

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