Over jump. Long medium left. Checkpoint. Easy left, maybe. Racing games really don't get much better than SEGA Rally (we're ignoring boxart in that assessment). It's why we're properly pumped over a press release that landed in our inbox last night: SEGA Rally Online Arcade is coming to the PlayStation Network this year.

The announcement notes that the game “brings back all the features players could want from the popular arcade and console racers, including Championship Battle mode and Time Attack". There'll also be multiplayer for up to five racers, and a "brand new achievement system".

“We’ve blended our hit arcade racing series with the best elements from the console versions to bring our fans the SEGA Rally experience in compact, downloadable format,” said VP of digital business at Sega, Haruki Satomi.

“Whether they’re new to the SEGA Rally series or they’ve participated in countless races over the years, we’re confident everyone will enjoy the wide variety of features included in this fan favorite.”

Want. Want. Want.