Looks Like Move's Gonna Be The Best Place To Experience Virtua Tennis 4.

It's reassuring news, particularly after the announcement of Wii and Kinect versions of the game, as we'd worried SEGA might tone down the Move's motion tracking potential. Anyone that's played table-tennis in Move-exclusive Sports Champions will know just how far Sony's motion wand's potential goes. SEGA seem keen to untap that, which is great news for us.</span>

"In terms of the three motion play devices, if you take the Move it works with the controller in your hand and the eye, so it detects very accurately every single movement you make with the controller and also it detects where you are in the space very well with the camera," she explained.

"So it makes the motion play on the Move probably the most accurate motion play out of all the three."

Covering her bases, Mie went onto explain the advantages of Kinect and Wii in a way that didn't undermine the titles, but reading up on a series of hands-on previews around the web this morning, it's clear PlayStation Move is the true home for Virtua Tennis 4. Hooray. Good on SEGA for realising the device's full potential.