After previewing the game's multiplayer demo late last year, news on Sony's adorable rythmn RPG has been scarce. Thankfully SCEA's come out of the woodwork this morning to slap an April 17th US release date on the Japan Studio developed game.

But why the delay? The game's producer, Chris Hinjoso-Miranda, says its because the team have been working on implementing fan feedback.

"Some of you got to experience a small portion of this adventure last summer with the open multiplayer beta. Since then, we've been furiously implementing some of the changes requested – and we are very sure that you will enjoy the results of this joint effort," he said.

"Available as both UMD disc and PSP PSN download, this fantastic new adventure with new weapons, new levels, new characters and new online multiplayer adventures can go home with you for the pocket friendly price of $19.99 USD."

There's no release date on the European version of the game yet, but we imagine it will be in the same time-frame. Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon.