Action palette

Upcoming Move-enabled PlayStation Network title Dungeon Defenders – also known as DunDef – is coming together well in anticipation of its release on the PlayStation Store later this year. Developer Trendy Entertainment just sent over some brand new screenshots, along the game's announcement trailer, for you to feast your eyes on.

A combination of tower defence and action RPG, the game lets you choose one of four distinct character classes before throwing scores of invading monsters at you. It's up to you and your three comrades – through either local or online multiplayer – to defend the castle, grabbing loot, customising and upgrading equipment and learning new skills along the way.

Rather than setting the game in the stereotypical dingy brown dungeons, the developers have let loose with the colour and created a rather more cartoon-themed visual style, as you can see in the trailer and screenshots below.

If you like what you see, be sure to come back to Movemodo tomorrow for an exclusive interview with plenty of fresh details about Dungeon Defenders.