Naughty Dog Are Excited To See The Uncharted Franchise On NGP.

Speaking at London's PlayStation Experience event, Naughty Dog revealed they are collaborating with Sony Bend to make sure the game lives up to the quality of the series.

"We're not actually developing Uncharted on NGP," Naughty dog community strategist Arne Meyer said, "We're really excited to see Uncharted on NGP, and we're working with them to make sure it's a great addition to the franchise. It's Naughty Dog's IP after all."

We really don't think fans should be concerned to be honest. There's a lot of unfair criticism regarding Sony's handheld teams, but Sony Bend (along with BigBig) really are top studios. They're certainly not "B-team" calibre as some forum posts like to unfairly point out. Still, it's good to know Naughty Dog are getting involved with the game. Obviously they know the franchise better than anyone else.