There'll Be A Distinct Lack Of Ridge Racer In NGP's Launch Lineup.

But sadly, it looks like Namco's about to break tradition, as the publisher's told Eurogamer that there are "no plans" for a Ridge Racer game on NGP.

"There is no solid plan to make anything in particular for the NGP at the current stage," Namco's Masamichi Yamazaki revealed. "But we are looking into the hardware. If one of our franchises could make for a good game on NGP then we will look into it."

Ridge Racer is central to one of the most famous quotes in PlayStation history, when Kaz Hirai took centre stage at E3 screaming the words "RIDGEEEE RACER" during a PSP demonstration.

While the publisher's got no plans for NGP right now, Yamazaki did add that the company are very excited about the new hardware. "NGP is obviously very new hardware and we're all excited about it and a lot of the new cool features. As creators, what we feel passionate about is drawing the power out of each new hardware to bring its strength out, and using that strength to make an entirely new type of game.

"That's what I'm currently excited about investigating with the NGP."