The Final Word On Enslaved: Mistakes Were Made But It Ain't The End.

There were quirks to the visuals and gameplay, but ultimately the package was original, well told and lovingly put together. Unfortunately, the game didn't do anywhere near the numbers it deserved. Speaking frankly with Siliconera, Namco's marketing VP Carson Choi has chimed in on why, and how the publisher plans to address such issues in the future.

“It really didn’t do what we anticipated,” said Choi when quizzed about the game's retail performance.

“To be perfectly frank, I think as a company prior to us reforming this organization, going to market, I think the game went to market at a very busy season. It launched in the midst of a busy holiday season. Last year, there were like 4000+ games for consoles.

“We didn’t do a good job finding the right time for it because when you look at the quality of the game it speaks for itself. An 80+ rated game is guaranteed a hit. We got DLC that came out that got 10 out of 10.

“Ultimately, I think that game had the quality needed to address the gamers. I think it’s a matter of getting into the market at the right time, which is something you will see us do much better.”

It's refreshing to hear a publisher speak so honestly about the subject to be honest. But do the mistakes mean we'll never get to experience more Enslaved?

“I can assure you, a title like Enslaved, and every title we’ve worked on in the past we’re going to re-examine them and say what is the potential for the game? We’ve been doing a lot of studies, consumer engagement, and community engagement… let’s put it this way one of these days stay tuned there will be more news to come.”

A sequel would be lovely, especially considering the giant cliff-hanger the last game ended on. The game's universe in general deserves more exploration. Hopefully Namco and Ninja Theory can work out the kinks and deliver something a little more successful next time around.