And breathe

Ubisoft has so many fitness franchises it's probably struggling to keep up with their names itself: Wii owners have played My Fitness Coach and Your Shape, and Kinect gamers have probably played Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, but the company's about to take its first steps onto PlayStation Move with My Fitness Coach: Club.

Known as Fit in Six in North America, the game promises a "personalised fitness experience, developed with fitness professionals to help you attain your goals", as you'd expect. A combination of PlayStation Move and the PlayStation Eye Camera let you see yourself on-screen and receive direct feedback, both visually and verbally, to help you attain better form.

For those fitness fanatics who prefer to listen to their own tunes to motivate themselves, My Fitness Coach: Club lets you rip your favourite tracks to the PlayStation 3's hard drive and let the game pick one to accompany your workout. There'll also be extra content to be downloaded throughout the year, which should hopefully keep you motivated all year long.

PlayStation Move hasn't yet received a stand-out fitness title, so we'll keep an eye on My Fitness Coach: Club for sure. The game is scheduled for a European release on February 18th, with a release under the name Fit in Six this March.