One Day Mirror's Edge Will Get The Sequel It Deserves.

EA and DICE's brilliant first-person parkour title was so unique that it didn't get everything right first time around. We're convinced that with a couple of years additional development, and the benefit of hindsight, Mirror's Edge 2 could have been something magical. But the original launched in 2008 and it's now 2011.

A report on V!chaku points out that there was a Mirror's Edge sequel in development, but progress has since "stalled". The site even notes that a demo of the game was shown-off internally, but that the team working on it have since moved on. EA wouldn't comment on the report.

It's a shame. Mirror's Edge was flawed but is still one of the more memorable releases this generation. Everything from the gameplay to the art aesthetic really pulled us in. We hope it gets followed up one day.