This Is A Dark Souls Screenshot. It's Not Demon's Souls.

.. shady. When people said "it's the spiritual successor Demon's Souls", we were like, "alright, cool, it won't be exactly the same". But it is. In fact the only reason it isn't is because Sony owns the property, and Dark Souls is multiplatform.

That's where it all starts getting a bit shady. We understand that in order to achieve financial stability in this industry, a multiplatform future is looking more and more likely. But if From wanted to make a multiplatform title, they could have at least made something new. This is just Demon's Souls with a new name.

Just rubs us the wrong way. It probably shouldn't. We know Sony didn't put much faith into bringing the original game to Western audiences. Obviously a big mistake. But urgh. It's almost like they're pointing a big middle-finger at SCEJ's input on the original Demon's Souls.