Japan Is Stoked About Sony's Next Generation Portable. So Are We.

Sony's first portable gaming system is frequently the most purchased gaming system in Japan, despite waning support worldwide. So it's little surprise Japanese gamers are hyped for the console's successor.

In a reader poll published in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, 76.2% of Japanese gamers stated they wanted the NGP. Only 7.9% remained indifferent, with 15.9% undecided.

Readers noted the dual-analogue sticks and high graphics fidelity as reasons to desire the device. When quizzed on software, a number of recognisable franchises popped up. Unsurprisingly Japan wants a new Monster Hunter game for the device. Failing that Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts were all mentioned.

We're certain Japan will get one of each too.

[source kotaku.com]