Would have made a nice special edition bonus

Guerilla Games' Killzone 3 looks set to raise the bar for motion-controlled shooters, but how did the company set about sketching out ideas for its pointer-based system? Lead programmer Tommy de Roos explained to Ars Technica that the studio began its experiments with past title Killzone 2, looking to create an on-rails version of the game.

One of the first ideas was to create an on-rails version of Killzone 2, but once we realised how much work that would be, since all encounters would have to be re-scripted, we decided against it.

That wasn't the only Move experiment that fell by the wayside: gesture-based grenade controls were trialled and discarded as they interfered with aiming, and a keyboard and mouse-style system, where pressing the Move button would "pick up" the controller's mouse-like inputs, was ditched as many users didn't understand it.

The currently available Killzone 3 multiplayer beta is fully Move-compatible, so if you haven't tried out the game's acclaimed motion controls yet you can do so now. We'll have some tips from the battlefields of Helghan to help you get the most out of your Move in the near future.

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