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The Killzone 3 Beta is now officially over, and while all those hours spent fragging away may seem like just a good bit of free fun, they've actually helped to turn Killzone 3 into the definitive multiplayer experience for the PlayStation 3. The multiplayer team at Guerrilla Games was nice enough to post a list of the post-release fixes to the game, as well as a few things that have already been addressed through the feedback they received during the Beta.

Pre-release Patch

  • The “Your Faction has Won/Lost” glitch that started a match with this icon on-screen, and remained during the entire match has been fixed.
  • Server Stability and Network Errors have been addressed.
  • Ribbons acquired in-game will update correctly on the statistics screen.
  • Inviting friends into a game has been simplified down to one button press.
  • The radius of the Marksman Scramble++ has been lowered.
  • The Medics Revive ability distance has been increased, and the cool down time has been decreased on the Revive ability as well.
  • Player Stamina has been increased.
  • Menu icon will notify players when they have a Killzone 3 message in their inbox.
  • Mortally wounded players will no longer be able to be collided with.

Guerilla will also continue to tweak the game after launch, with a set of post-release patches already announced and detailed below.

Post release Patches

  • Custom Games will have more setup options available.
    a. More control over game modes and settings.
    b. Secure games that allow only the desired players to join the match.
    c. Ability to toggle on/off abilities and weapons, and also functionalities such as ribbons, abilities and explosives, etc.
    d. Ability to turn on/off friendly fire.
    e. Toggle faction swapping.
    f. Ability to select which careers are available to players.
  • Unranked games to allow for private matches or clan matches.
  • Clan Officer role will be added for clans.
  • Separate turn speed for hip-fire and ADS.
  • Kill amount to win a Guerrilla Warfare match has been increased.
  • Some death screams in the Beta were quite enthusiastic, and will be toned down.
  • The effectiveness of the Increased Accuracy Ribbon and Bullet Damage Ribbon will be lowered.
  • Matches will now be forfeit if the opposing team has too few or no players at all.
  • Matchmaking will be enhanced to help keep lobbies full, by closing and merging lobbies together.
  • Post match teams balancing to keep even playing fields.
  • HUD markers for in game objectives will be able to be toggled on/off.
  • Menu option for squad only chat and a Mute All button will be added as well.
  • Scoreboard flickering will be fixed.
  • Opposing clans will no longer be matched against a clan with many more or less players. (i.e. 4 vs 7, 5 vs 8)

Guerrilla Games is touting this list as just a start to the plans for upcoming patches for Killzone 3. It’s apparent the team is are dead-set on trying to create the best online multiplayer experience on the PlayStation 3, and with a North American release date of 22nd February and Europe following three days later, the wait to jump back into Killzone 3 online is a brief one.

Are there any changes and/or improvements that would make Killzone 3 a better online experience that wasn't included in the list? Feel free to post your ideas in our comments section below.

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