Nearly 20 Hours Of Duke? You Have To Be Kidding.

Run into a room, face a hundred monsters, circle strafe and shoot, rinse and repeat. There's nothing wrong with throwback at all, in fact games like Bionic Commando Rearmed and Super Street Fighter IV have had tremendous commercial success because of their reverence for the past. But now you go and tell me that Duke Nukem Forever's going to last about the same amount of time as a quick playthrough of Mass Effect 2? Good grief.

The news comes via a GameTrailers interview with Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford. Talking about the campaign's length, the gaffer stated, “Average play-times are more like 16-18 hours. That’s, like, three or four Call of Duty’s, right?” Blimey oh riley, that's long for an old-school shooter.

Randy stressed that the game will "speak for itself", but we're not convinced. For as much as people bemoan the on-set of short single-player campaigns, we find them so much more focused. We'd much rather play a tight and considered campaign three or four times, as opposed to a long and boring one once. Jury is still out on Duke. Maybe it will justify its extended campaign length. We're going to guess that it won't though.