Battlefield 3 Will Launch On PlayStation 3 Later This Year.

The publication reports that once again players will have a choice of four classes, a number executive producer Patrick Bach describes as "the sweet spot". Battlefield 3's squad mechanic are also set to be expanded, though specifics aren't mentioned: "Squads are really easy to set up, but how can you take that further? We have some really cool things that we'll show later when it comes to dictating how you play with friends," Bach teases.

The game will run on DICE's updated game engine, FrostBite 2.0. According to DICE, the concept for Battlefield 3 has been in place for a while, but the studio's been waiting for their engine tech to catch-up.

DICE is also looking heavily at character customisation, explaining that the studio is trying to find the sweet spot between model variation without offering silly styles.

“The more variation you have [in the characters], the less you can have in the rest of the world,” producer Patrick Bach told the mag.

“I think it also has to do with the way you play more professionally. You don’t want people to look completely different. It’s team A versus team B. It’s always a challenge – how do you personalise a uniform? Giving the pink rabbit hat to someone would make it fun, but if you’re running around and you don’t know what you’re shooting at, you don’t take the professional gaming seriously in my book.

“There’s a challenge between personalising and keeping it uniform. We will do more in that area, making sure that you can get your character to be more personalised both in a visual way and more specifically in the way you gear up. We did a good job I would argue with Bad Company 2 with specialisations, different scopes and different weapons – you can kind of find your way of playing the game, which broadens the game for more people.”

According to information posted on Best Buy, the PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 3 will boast 24-players — some 40 less than its PC counter-part.

We'll certainly be hearing a lot more about Battlefield 3 over the coming weeks.

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