Deadly aim

There are tonnes of PlayStation Move accessories available, including sniper rifles, pistols and assault rifles, but what about a shell that combined all three? That's the thinking at CTA Digital, the company behind a new customisable add-on.

An accessory that can be transformed into an assault rifle, shotgun or sniper rifle, it comes with a detachable scope, stock and muzzle, as well as a stand to steady the rifle when in sniper mode. There's a video beneath explaining how it works in a little more depth, and a link to purchase the rifle at Amazon.

Three Rifles in One - the Ultimate PlayStation Move Shooting Accessory

New Sniper Rifle Gun accessory for the PlayStation Move gives first person shooters a gun that easily re-configures as an assault gun, shotgun or sniper rifle.

Brooklyn, NY - CTA Digital ( launches a new customizable rifle for PlayStation Move owners. The scope, rear stock, and muzzle are easy to detach, transforming the full-sized rifle into a smaller, shotgun-sized firearm to match in-game weapons.

The Move Motion controller is held firmly in a front compartment that leaves all the controls accessible and positions the sphere in the front. There's also an included sniper bipod attachment to allow for steady aiming, and an attachment for accommodating the Navigation controller if the game calls for one.

FPS warfare enthusiasts will appreciate the custom feel and adaptability of this rifle. Whatever the arsenal preferences in Killzone3, MAG, Socom4, or The Shoot, gamers can find a comfortable configuration that suits their playing style. Having a gun in hand will allow game-play to feel more intuitive on the PlayStation Move, as it detects the slightest movements in 3D space, allowing gamers to aim wherever they want on the screen and pull the trigger to take a shot.

You can see a video demonstration of this product on Youtube at It is also available for purchase at Amazon (, Target, Best Buy and other retail outlets.

Another popular CTA Digital gun, the Perfect Aim Pistol, is now also available in a neat 2-in-1 Combo Bundle for two player action, in red and orange. This combo bundle can be bought on Amazon ( The video demo can be seen here to refresh your memory: