Everyone Needs A Statue Of Cole McGrath. Right?

" Not really, but that's a brilliant lead-in. As discovered by the Examiner, Amazon has unwittingly revealed a collector's edition for inFamous 2. The "Hero Edition" — which leads us to believe there will be an "Antagonist Edition" too — includes a bunch of goodies, including an 8.5" statue of protagonist Cole McGrath. Adopters will also net a soundtrack, comic, replica sling pack (no idea!) and a super voucher including the following in-game gubbins: the Lightning Hook Power, Electrocution Grenade Power, Kessler Skin and a 24k Gold Amp weapon variant.

Amazon's marked the bundle with a $99.99 price-tag. Sounds reasonable to us, depending on how good that Cole McGrath statue is. We could be tempted. With the flurry of top PlayStation 3 titles this year, we'd almost forgotten inFamous 2 was coming out. inFamous 2 guys! The last one was amazing.