A Lot Of People Would Probably Pay More Money For This.

They have the hottest property in video games right now, and while we share concerns about them taking something actually quite good and driving it into the ground, we absolutely don't blame them for wanting to make some money.

Which is why, despite frequent denials, some kind of monetary Call Of Duty subscription service seems inevitable. Analyst group Wedbush Securities agrees, pitching the launch of a potential "second tier" Call Of Duty subscription service for early 2011:

"Activision remains a top pick, primarily due to the company’s potential to create and monetize a second tier of multiplayer online gaming for its Call of Duty franchise. We expect this to occur during the first quarter of 2011."

We're curious what impact a subscription fee would have on Call Of Duty's success. Do people really enjoy the game that much, or will they start looking elsewhere? After all, titles such as MAG and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are strong alternatives in that arena.

[source kotaku.com]