These Screenshots Need More Ana Ivanovic. That's All.

Yes! YES! Seriously: get in! 2K Sports has slapped a release date on upcoming tennis title, Top Spin 4, stating that the game will release March 15th in the US. But that's not all that's got us excited; the game's PlayStation 3 boxart also comes with a PlayStation Move readily plastered all over it. This is basically our idea of heaven.

The news comes via Top Spin's Facebook page, though we're expecting a media blitz from 2K Sports anytime this week. Looks like the Facebook's beaten 2K to the punch.

Still, seems there's set to be somewhat of a motion-controlled tennis showdown in the coming months, with SEGA's Virtua Tennis 4 due in the same period. We'll be buying both. We love tennis, and if the PlayStation Move support lives up to its potential, we could very well end up losing an unthinkable number of hours to both games.