We're Guessing The Burgers They Serve Here Don't Taste Great.

We're big fans of the franchise and horror games in general, but unfortunately the series has taken a turn for rubbish in recent years. Silent Hill: Downpour appears to be heading in the right direction though. We think. Maybe. Hopefully. (Please be good.)

Konami's officially confirmed the game this morning, tagging an autumn release on the European version. The game's built around Murphy Pendleton, a convict who finds himself stranded in Silent Hill. Cue all manner of psychological weirdness stemming from Murphy's background in crime. (We assume.)

A bunch of locales are shown off in screenshots published by Joystiq. You can check them out through here.

Hopefully Downpour is more Silent Hill: Shattered Memories than Silent Hill: Homecoming. Of course, if Konami just wants to remake Silent Hill 2, we'll take that too.