NGP: A Sony Product That Doesn't Support 3D.

Sony's admitted that they dabbled with 3D technology for NGP, but SCEE president Andrew House has concluded that the "shared experience" didn't translate to portable devices.

"We view 3D as having the greatest potential, in the near term, in what I would call a dedicated entertainment environment," he told Eurogamer.

"That's in the home, around the television, and where it's a shared experience. I think that's really important. We struggle a little bit to see how that 3D, shared experience translates to portable devices as they currently stand."

So no 3D for the NGP in its first iteration, which makes sense considering the "viewing angle" concerns a lot of journalists are throwing at the 3DS.  We're sure Sony will be keeping a close eye on the sucess of Nintendo's device though. We don't see why the feature couldn't be implemented down the line.