Despite selling an enormous amount of hardware, software always struggled on the platform outside of Japan. Therefore, t's been refreshing to see publishers — both Western and Eastern — extend words of encouragement about the NGP. The latest positive comments come from SEGA West's head-honcho, Mike Hayes. He told CVG that he's "extremely optimistic" about the device:

"We are extremely optimistic about the new device hence our upfront and early commitment," Hayes said, pointing to SEGA's name among the initial NGP publishers list. In fact, Hayes was quick to point out that the original PSP wasn't quite the disaster for SEGA that many armchair analysts assume it was:

"I would disagree on the point that PSP failed," he said. "For those of us that embraced the portable platform from the beginning we had a very successful and profitable run."

Good news then. We're looking forward to what SEGA can do with the device. During Sony's PlayStation Meeting, SEGA's Toshihiro Nagoshi took to the stage to demonstrate Yakuza: Of The End running on the device. We'd take a new Yakuza game, so long as it makes its way to the West.