Sony's Looking To Win The Affections Of The "Core" Gamer With PlayStation Move.

Acknowledging Microsoft's success with the Kinect, Koller said that his company is still "happy where we are in the market" with Move. It's a point which often gets overlooked in the message board debates; allow us to propose a novel idea: a product can still be successful even if a competing product is moreso.

At least check, Sony had shipped more than 4.1 million PlayStation Move's to stores worldwide. The peripheral's been in pretty hot demand since release, and Koller believes that will continue as Sony adopts their strategy to win the affections of the hardcore consumer.

"The limitations are such that you can't create all the games you want to do," Koller said of Kinect, suggesting the device isn't capable of supporting the kind of "core" titles heading to the Move. Koller added that Sony intends to "layer on more and more core titles" in the coming months.

First up is the hotly anticipated Killzone 3, which launches at the end of February. Early hands-on impressions of the game played with PlayStation Move have been overwhelmingly positive, so it's certainly a solid ground for Sony to base their core assault. Killzone 3 will be followed by SOCOM 4, which Koller notes will be available in April. The game was previously pushed back from 2010, this is the first time we've got word of a date.

Sony will hope to capitalise on the success of core titles like Killzone and SOCOM with other bridge titles — PlayStation Move Heroes, Sorcery and Virtua Tennis 4 all look to have the accessibility of a "casual" title, but the depth of a "core" title. Seeing as these are the type of motion controlled games we've longed for since the Wii's announcement, we hope the strategy is successful.