Michael Jackson: The Experience launched on Wii, DS and PSP in late 2010 but its appearance on PlayStation 3 was pushed back until 2011, and now Ubisoft has revealed the exact date fans will be able to get their white gloved hands on the game: April 12th in North America, April 14th in Europe.

The game's tracklisting will be bolstered by two new songs, Blood on the Dance Floor and I Just Can't Stop Loving You, with more songs to be announced.

One Move-exclusive feature is the ability to post progress and photos to Facebook, showing off your dancing skills for all your friends to enjoy. Depending on your collection of accessories you'll be able to play the game with just Move, just a microphone or combine the two for the ultimate Michael Jackson all-singing, all-dancing experience.

Michael Jackson: The Experience lands on April 12 and 14th in North America and Europe respectively.