Shooty, Shooty, Bang, Bang. Killzone 3's Finished.

Feel entirely free to add your own set of "words meaning finished" to the comments section below while we go through the motions of telling you the news: Killzone 3 has gone gold. When a game goes gold, it means it's completely done. Y'know, finished. They send it off to big industrial manufacturing people to print the discs. It's obviously rather exciting for the studio developing the game. We imagine strippers and champagne will be present inside Guerrilla Games' offices right now.

The game's set to launch on February 25th in the UK (22nd in North America) in three different guises: standard, steel-tin and "Helghast" edition. You can find out more about the collector's editions through here.

The PlayStation Blog's also got some information on the game's US pre-order bonuses. Perhaps most exciting is that the Retro Map Pack will be available from all retailers.